Emergency Work Plan

Louisiana’s electric cooperatives have developed a plan for responding to emergencies such as ice storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. Here are some helpful resources:

The ALEC Emergency Work Plan has been established to provide uniform procedures for the management of all Louisiana electric cooperatives when an emergency situation arises. When a cooperative suffers severe outages due to wind, rain, hurricane or ice storm and needs to request assistance, the management of that cooperative may refer to this plan. The objectives of this plan are as follows:

  1. To provide procedures that will expedite available assistance as needed.
  2. To provide a method to restore the cooperative system to its pre-disaster condition in an economical and efficient manner.
  3. To set recommended guidelines for safety and operational procedures during an emergency situation or disaster.

It also includes emergency contact information and a list of our current loss control committee.

The following forms are available for download to assist electric cooperatives with disaster response planning:

Electric cooperatives that are in need of mutual aid assistance should complete the following form and submit it to ALEC:

Emergency Assistance Request Form

  • When entering multiple secondary contacts, please use the following format: Name (123)456-7890; Name (123)456-7890.
  • Please include the location, name, and phone number using the following format: Location, Name (123)456-789.
  • Requests for Trucks

  • Please use the following format: Truck Type (Quantity); Truck Type (Quantity); etc.
  • Requests for Equipment and Tools

  • Please use the following format: Tool/Equipment (Quantity); Tool/Equipment (Quantity); etc.
  • Requests for Personnel

  • Please use the following format: Personnel Classification (Quantity); Personnel Classification (Quantity); etc.
  • Requests for Materials

  • Please use the following format: Material (Quantity); Material (Quantity); etc.