Daily Power Restoration Task Force Questionnaire

ALEC will work with distressed cooperatives to provide FEMA, GOHSEP, US Department of Energy, and other federal and state agencies.  The purpose of the Task Force is to develop improved situational awareness and identify interdependencies associated with stabilizing other community lifelines.  This includes water, hospitals, public safety, sheltering, and communications.

For example, if power will be out in a community for 30 days due to major utility repairs it will directly impact shelters, healthcare, public safety and other critical functions and may require action to stabilize.  Likewise, if a parish will be restored immediately it may change the priority of resource allocation and allow the unified command group to focus in another parish.

We understand it may be impossible to answer these questions immediately but would like to establish a baseline and identify when all the data can be provided.

Prior to storm season it is recommended cooperatives provide their system maps to ALEC as well as identify essential service customers that could require mobile generation during extended outages.

ALEC’s CEO will take the lead on reporting to the Task Force daily.  Please visit the following link to answer the Task Force’s questions.  The form should be completed before 9 am daily.

Daily Power Restoration Task Force Questionnaire

Primary Contact Submitting the Report
Please provide the contact information for the cooperative representative that is responsible for submitting this report.
Extent of damage, ETR of repairs, priority of facilities to be repaired.
Identify the transmission and distribution lines damaged by parish
Transmission Line Identification
Substation Identification
Distribution Lines Circuit Identification
Total # of Meters prior to storm
# of Meters Affected
Type of damage: Wind, Surge, Ice, etc.
Estimated Restoration Time (if available)
Use the plus sign to add multiple entries
A prioritized list of lines to be worked on. Prioritization and coordination of restoration efforts with the State? How many structures and miles of line are damaged? What type of structures? (steel pole, steel lattice, concrete, wood etc..)