Meter School

The Louisiana Electric Cooperative Superintendent and Foreman’s Meter School is designed to serve electric cooperative meter apprentices and line workers by developing their skills through expert lectures and hands-on training.  Course topics span from the basics of watt-hour meter theory, proper procedures for installation and removal of meters, accurate voltage checks for self-contained and instrument rated meters, solid state meters. AMI meter applications.  Additionally, students will learn the appropriate meter to be used for various electric services with specific attention to the correct form and class of meter necessary to ensure precise customer billing. The course also educates students on Single Phase verses Three Phase Metering, Advanced Metering, Communications, and a Hot Topic Roundtable.


  • Basic theory of operating watthour meters
  • Mathematics involved in meter operations
  • Various meters applicable to electric service
  • Proper safety procedures and equipment
  • Proper use of electric measuring instruments
  • Troubleshooting self-contained meter installations
  • Basic electrical terms and definitions
  • Troubleshooting instrument rated meter installations
  • New Technology

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