Feeding Co-op Relationships

Posted: April 7, 2022 at 5:49 pm

Members of the Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives showed their appreciation for Louisiana legislators and elected officials by cooking signature

Cooperative general managers gather during a break in the Taste of Louisiana Cookout. From left are Mike Heinen, Jeff Davis Electric; Randy Pirece, DEMCO; CEO Addie Armato, Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives; Charles Hill, Washington-St. Tammany; and Kevin Turner, Beauregard Electric.

dishes for the Taste of Louisiana Cookout at the Pentagon Barracks on March 28.

ALEC co-op members and elected officials look forward to the annual event, which features signature dishes from each electric cooperative:

  • Crawfish etouffee with rice and pecan pies, Beauregard Electric.
  • Boiled crawfish, corn and potatoes, DEMCO.
  • Fried shrimp and frog legs, Jeff Davis Electric.
  • Boiled shrimp with dipping sauce and raw oysters with crackers, SLECA.
  • Fried catfish, coleslaw and hushpuppies, Washington-St. Tammany Electric.
  • Pastalaya and dessert trays, ALEC.

The cooperatives highlighted positive things happening now. “We recently negotiated the 1803 Cooperatives wholesale power contract,” says WSTE CEO Charles Hill. “This new deal is going to provide lower rates for our consumer members as well as bring jobs to the state of Louisiana. We cannot do this kind of work without the support of our elected officials.”

Louisiana’s electric cooperatives discussed key issues with legislators—namely, storm season reimbursement funds. SLECA directors Roger Dale DeHart and Brian Rivet touted the importance of Hurricane Ida recovery efforts and the need for Federal Emergency Management Agency-funded reimbursement. “Our members were some of the hardest hit,” DeHart said. “They have lost homes and businesses. Now is not the time to forget about them.”

ALEC appreciates the time and effort its electric cooperative members dedicated to make this event a success, and the elected officials who take time out of their busy schedules to attend the Taste of Louisiana appreciation dinner. “Our partnership with our legislators is essential as we work together on the challenges that face our great state,” says ALEC President and BECi Director J.R. Hickman. “Our common goal is to make Louisiana the best it can be.”


Enjoying the event are, from left, Emily Romero, wife of Rep. Troy Romero; Dennis Glass, ALEC vice president and WSTE director; Mike Strain, commissioner of agriculture and forestry; Teddy Welch, former ALEC and BECi director; J.R. Hickman, ALEC president and BECi director; and Addie Armato, ALEC CEO.
WSTE’s Johnny Bruhl, left, who serves on ALEC’s Government Affairs Committee, and WSTE Director Glenn Magee, speak with Sen. Sharon Hewitt.
ALEC’s Addie Armato, left, Sen. Beth Mizell and ALEC’s Keli Williams visit.
WSTE employees Dalton Sumrall, Joe Wilson and Chad Angelo prepare fried fish.