Louisiana electric cooperatives show appreciation to Louisiana Legislature and Elected Officials

Posted: May 10, 2021 at 1:44 pm

On Monday, April 26, the members of the Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives showed their appreciation to the Louisiana Legislature and elected officials by cooking their signature dishes for the Taste of Louisiana Cookout held at the Pentagon Barracks.

“It was great to hosts our first major event since the pandemic shutdown over a year ago,” said ALEC CEO Jeff Arnold.  “We were able to catch up with one another and our legislators.”  ALEC co-op members and elected officials look forward to this annual event.

The evening featured signature dishes from each electric cooperative.  BECi-crawfish etouffee with rice and pecan pies; Claiborne Electric-BBQ Ribs; DEMCO-boiled crawfish, corn, and potatoes; JDEC-fried shrimp and frog legs; SLECA-boiled shrimp with dipping sauce and raw oysters with crackers; WSTE-fried catfish, coleslaw, and hushpuppies; and ALEC-Insomnia cookies.

“After the past year with a pandemic and multiple hurricanes, it is important for Louisiana electric cooperatives to represent our members and speak to our legislators on their behalf,” said JDEC General Manager Mike Heinen.  We have key issues to discuss most importantly working with our allies on reimbursement funds from the recent storm season.

“It is nice to have the family (ALEC member cooperatives) back together,” said ALEC President and BECi Director J.R. Hickman.   “It is important for us to work together.  It’s how we get things done.” ALEC looks forward to resuming normal activities as COVID-19 vaccinations become more available to its members.

ALEC appreciates the time and effort our electric cooperative members put in to make this event a success.  We also appreciate our elected officials taking the time out of their busy schedules to join us for our Taste of Louisiana Appreciation dinner.  Our partnership with our legislators is essential as we work together on the challenges that face our great state.  Our common goal is to make Louisiana the best it can be!