Comings and Goings at ALEC

Posted: February 17, 2020 at 1:36 pm

The retirement earlier this year of Mike Bergeaux, longtime director of loss control for the Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives, prompted a promotion and new hiring by the Louisiana statewide.

Mike spent nearly 40 years working for Louisiana electric cooperatives. He began his career as a lineman at Jeff Davis Electric Co-op Inc. in Jennings, Louisiana before joining ALEC.

With a passion for safety, he educated cooperative employees to make sure they went home safe every day. Mike made a tremendous impact on the culture of safety at electric cooperatives around the state of Louisiana.

He earned respect from employees and in the boardroom, serving on national and regional committees. He was a chairman on the boards of the National Utility Training and Safety Education Association and Southern Area Instructors Association. He also led Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program team inspections across the state.

A certified loss control professional, Mike earned continuing education credits from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange.

Mike battled in the trenches alongside his fellow cooperative employees through hurricanes, storms and natural disasters.

Most electric cooperative employees mark time by major events such as hurricanes, natural disasters, equipment upgrades and incidents, but Mike is unique because he also can quantify his career by the number of lives saved. Mike was truly his brother’s keeper throughout his career.

Aarron Graham, ALEC’s safety coordinator, was promoted to director of loss control upon Mike’s retirement. He has been with ALEC for 14 years.

Prior to joining the statewide, Aarron spent eight years as a lineman at DEMCO in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a certified loss control professional, accredited by NRECA. Aarron has logged many hours traveling to Louisiana electric cooperatives to train employees, attend safety meetings and conduct safety presentations. He is vice chairman for NUTSEA , has served as chairman on the SAIA and is on the RESAP team.

Aarron worked closely with Mike during disasters to coordinate mutual-aid relief for cooperatives in our state and cooperatives that are part of our mutual-aid agreement.

To fill Aarron’s safety coordinator position, ALEC hired Derek Seal.

Derek has 19 years of experience with Washington-St. Tammany Electric Cooperative in Franklinton, Louisiana. Derek will work primarily with safety and operations departments, teaching safety rules and regulations adopted by ALEC’s electric cooperatives.

We wish Mike the best in his retirement, look forward to Aarron carrying on his legacy and welcome Derek to the team.