Underground School

The Louisiana Electric Cooperative Superintendent and Foreman’s School provides a cooperative line worker apprentice with information and training specific to the installation and maintenance for both high and low voltage underground electrical systems. A cooperative apprentice will receive instruction on various underground distribution systems, types of high and low voltage cables, as well as the insulations used in underground distribution.  Additionally, each student will have the opportunity to be personally trained on cable installation procedures and proper cable preparation techniques for splicing and terminating a high voltage distribution cable. Participants will also receive guidance on the correct techniques required for troubleshooting, isolating, testing, and grounding of underground cable sections.


  • Overview of Underground Electrical Systems
  • Underground System Designs
  • Underground System Components
  • Underground Power Cables
  • Safe Operation of URD Systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hands-on Cable preparation and Termination
  • Proper Grounding Techniques

Click here for the latest class information: https://www.alec.coop/events/underground-school-at-demco/