ALEC Loss Control Director Heads National Safety Group

Posted: October 28, 2021 at 11:40 am

On September 13, 2021, Aarron Graham, director of loss control for the Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives, was elected chairperson of the National Utility
Training Safety and Education Association. Organized in the early 1940s as the Rural Electric Association Safety and Job Training Instructors, NUTSEA was incorporated under

Aarron accepts the gavel as chairperson of the National Utility Training Safety and Education Association from Michael Weltzheimer of Mississippi during the organization’s 79th annual meeting in September.

its new name in 1976. The board is made up of four board officers and six directors. The basic objectives for NUTSEA have not changed much since the first REA safety programs were organized.

They include:
• To promote a continuous exchange of information, ideas and job-related experiences among members of the association to effectively assist them in upgrading their professional competence, and analyze and solve problems involving job training and safety education. This qualifies and equips them to perform their essential duties in personnel training and accident prevention.
• To plan, organize and sponsor an annual national conference for the purposes set forth above, and to provide instruction, training and technical information vital to the growth, training and development of its members.
• To participate with other organizations concerned with or that deal with job training, safety education and related activities.
• To conduct research and issue reports dealing with information and data beneficial to job training and safety education personnel in their professional field of endeavor.

In cooperation with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, NUTSEA representatives help in the administration and continued refinements of the Rural Electrification Safety Achievement Program and Loss Control Internship program.