Louisiana Electric Cooperatives on Alert

Posted: August 23, 2020 at 3:43 pm

The Louisiana electric cooperatives are tracking Hurricanes Marco and Laura.  Cooperatives are gearing up for the possibility of major storm damage to the Louisiana electrical systems.

All Louisiana electric cooperative crews are on standby.  Although the path and intensity of the storms can be unpredictable, our cooperatives are working to be prepared to restore power to their members quickly and safely.

Our Louisiana electric cooperatives serve over 1 million customers in 50 parishes in Louisiana. When major storms such as Marco and Laura look as though they could affect service to our consumers, numerous departments take action according to each cooperative’s comprehensive storm plans.  The Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives (ALEC) activated our emergency work plan on Saturday, August 22, to provide swift aid to our member cooperatives in need.  ALEC also has several mutual-aid agreements with many electric cooperatives all over the United States.  These cooperatives are ready to come to the aid of Beauregard Electric, Claiborne Electric, DEMCO, Jeff-Davis Electric, Panola-Harrison Electric, SLECA and Washington-St. Tammany Electric cooperatives.  At this time, we have commitments from nearby states Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi.  If additional aid is needed, we can reach out to other states within our mutual-aid agreement.

ALEC and our Louisiana electric cooperatives remind everyone to be prepared to stay home for several days without power.  If you have special needs, make arrangements to relocate away from the storms’ path.  Once the storms have passed and for your safety, we ask that you stay away from downed powerlines and do not drive over downed lines.  We are also anticipating constraints due to COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations.  These constraints could prolong the amount of time you are without power as the electric cooperatives deal with limited resources.   Louisiana electric cooperatives are doing everything possible currently to prepare for the worst. We encourage our members to do the same.