Economic Development

Louisianaís Electric Cooperatives have a long-term vested interest in the economic vitality of its communities.  Economic development partnerships are a core part of electric cooperatives' mission and vital to the future of rural communities.

Louisiana's electric cooperatives have many years of experience among the management, economic development, and marketing staff to deliver vital rural development services.  This effort is closely aligned with the Louisiana Department of Economic Development in support of its mission to grow and improve Louisianaís economy.

Available Sites and Buildings

Louisiana's electric cooperatives are committed to helping the state reach its economic potential by working to attract new businesses, as well as encouraging our existing companies to expand their enterprises here. Click on the link below to existing sites and buildings available for development in cooperative service areas. For more information on the sites and buildings below, contact ALEC at 1-800-355-3450. To see a list of buildings and sites click here.

For more information about Louisiana, visit the state Department of Economic Development.


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