ALEC Staff and Directors

Randall C. Pierce - Chief Executive Officer

Joni Kitchen - Director of Statewide Services

Billy Gibson - Director of Communications

Mike Bergeaux - Director of Loss Control

Aarron Graham - Safety and Loss Control Specialist

Kyle Marionneaux - Regulatory Counsel

Judy McCleary - State Governmental Affairs

Robin Plunket - Manager, ALEC Credit Union

Jody Overhultz - ALEC Credit Union

ALEC Board of Directors

Beauregard Electric
J.R. Hickman
Teddy Welch

Claiborne Electric
Mark Brown
Richard Noles - Vice President

Daniel "Danny" Berthelot
Leslie Falks - President

Jefferson-Davis Electric
Mike Heinen  
Kirk Weldon

Northeast La. Power
Richard Strong
Jeff Churchwell - Secretary/Treasurer

Pointe Coupee Electric
Peter Rumfola
Al Smith

Tracy Duval
Brian Rivet

Washington-St. Tammany
Carey Bateman
Lawrence "Cotton" Jourdan

NRECA Director - Mark Brown (Claiborne Electric)

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